Before Applying

Before you apply, please read and prayerfully consider the following:

The step of faith you are considering is significant. The Journey Project Internship is designed to stretch you, challenge you, and develop you as a leader who serves God in such a way that lives, communities, and the Church itself are transformed by the radical love of Jesus Christ.

We expect the impact of the Journey Project Internship to be profound. Children’s lives will be changed, desperate needs will be met, and congregations will awaken to new possibilities as they reconnect with their own neighborhoods. But we expect that no one will be changed or blessed as much as the interns themselves. We expect to watch interns grow in their faith and catch a vision of what the Church can and should be – the people of God humbly serving others, blessing the world through the sharing of His
unconditional love.

But our program is not for everyone. If you are looking for a summer job or a paycheck,
this isn’t for you. The Journey Project is hands-on mission work, an opportunity for spiritual growth, a season to reflect on God’s plans for your life and to be equipped for a lifetime of living out your faith in a way that is authentic and transformative.

If you lack relational maturity The Journey Project will be difficult for you as well. One of the key components of the internship is living in community. Most handle this very well, but for some it will be the most difficult part of the summer. Interns come with a wide-range of backgrounds, life-experiences, theologies, and, well, quirks! It is important to respect differences, be considerate, and work through any disagreements or issues that arise. With that said, you will likely develop some of the deepest and most life-nurturing relationships imaginable over the summer. We expect interns will come as strangers, but they will leave as family.

Responsibility and a solid work ethic are also critical traits. A lot is expected of selected
applicants. You will work each day at your mission site, complete assigned reading, do your part to keep your living space clean, engage in group discussion, mentoring, accountability, and worship. None of the components of the internship are optional. When an intern chooses not to fulfill his/her responsibilities, it has a very detrimental effect on the experience of the other interns. We will of course work with anyone who is genuinely struggling, but if there is simply no commitment to fulfill responsibilities, termination may be the only valid option. There will be plenty of time to complete everything expected of you and most interns will have little difficulty with this, but it is an important thing to consider before applying.

We want God’s perfect will to be accomplished in your life, in the lives of those served by The Journey Project interns, and in the congregations and agencies who participate in this effort. We know that God is calling students to take this step of faith, and if God is calling you, we pray you will hear that call and respond boldly. If we can answer any questions or pray for you in any way, please let us know.

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