The Journey:  A Disciple Making Pathway

Intro to The Journey

To make and multiply new disciples and new churches in our home context, we must consider replacing our “come to us” approach with a “go to them” missionary posture. This requires nothing less than a fundamental shift in our thinking and behaviors as the People of God.

Tribe of Friends presents “Introduction to The Journey,” a one day session where you will be invited to count the cost of living a missionary life at home, you will be given practical strategies to begin engaging your home mission field, and you will be challenged to take steps toward the people to whom God is sending you.

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Download and print your registration here.  Registration and payment must be postmarked no later than January 10th.

Missional Coach Training

Missional Coach Training

Missional coaching is coming alongside a missional person or group to help them discover what God is calling them to do, and then helping them to accomplish it.  It involves asking good questions, listening, supporting, and goal-setting. Missional coaching is simply practicing good coaching skills with a missional, Kingdom-focused end in mind. It involves learning some unique micro-skills for coaching people with missional goals.

There is no doubt that there are people in your lives and/or churches who already are or are ready to become missionary-ish people. Let’s be clear: in order to be an effective missional coach, you do need to be trying to live missionary-ish yourself. You don’t have to be good at it; you just have to be trying.

With that said, we want to extend an invitation to you to be a part of the next missional coach training cohort, which will begin in January 2014. We are excited to offer this training multi-site via Webex.  While we hope you will be able to be a part of this cohort if you are interested, we definitely want you to count the cost. Here is what you would be committing to:
* Be involved in missionary-ish living (if not already, start and lead a small group through the 8-week TK Primer)
* Read Coaching 101 (prior to Training Session 1)
* Read The Tangible Kingdom (prior to Training Session 2)
* Participate in all three on-site/Web-Ex training sessions
* Actively and faithfully engage the coach mentor process (6 sessions)
* Work through Coaching 101 Handbook during the coach mentor process
* Work through The Missional Coach Handbook during the coach mentor process
* Select and coach 2 people who are involved in missionary-ish living
* Use in coaching relationships
* Receive feedback on coaching skills and create a plan for ongoing development
The on-site/multi-site training will be held in three different sessions over a six-month period. The first session will be an all-day Saturday, 8am – 2pm. The second session will be approx. 3 hours, three months later, and the third session will also be approx. 3 hours, about three months after the second session (dates and times TBD by the cohort). Training content will be provided through Logan Leadership, and there will also be facilitation of discussion and exercises following each content training session.  During the six month period, you will practice coaching 2 people, each once per month (for about an hour each coaching session), and you will also have a coach-mentor who will meet with you over the phone once/month to support you along the way.

Cost to participants is $200, which includes the Coaching 101 book, Coaching 101 Handbook, and The Tangible Kingdom book.  Tribe of Friends Trainers are all certified Missional Coaches who are actively involved in coaching relationships. We hope you will consider the potential Kingdom impact this could bring in your context and join us in this cohort. If the cost is too high for you at this time, you might consider connecting as a coachee for a coach-in-training. The commitment for coachees is to meet with your coach-in-training once per month for approx. one hour as you focus on your own missionary journey.

For more details and to register, leave your information on the contact page and a coach mentor will contact you.

An Opportunity for Learning to Live and Lead Others on the Path of Missional Discipleship

Missional Transformation

Everything we do as a Christian community relates in some way to God’s sending of the church to participate in God’s mission. We once thought of the church as the sending agency; missionaries were the people who the church sent. Now as we read Scripture afresh in a North American context that is itself mission territory, we realize that God is a sending God, and the church is the sent people.

What is God sending the church to be and do? The answer is expressed by each local body as it discerns and designs its life and ministry in response to the sending God.

Can you Imagine…

⇒ discovering anew what it means to be the church — God’s people of salt and light?

⇒ a community of Christ’s followers, learning to live as committed disciples, making disciples?

⇒ people no longer content to simply be consumers of a church’s Sunday morning programs?

⇒ increased excitement about and greater sharing in the Christian faith?

⇒ increased clarity of purpose as a congregation?

⇒ a greater sense of trust and unity, pulling together toward common goals?

⇒ new leaders being raised up and equipped for service?

⇒ persons engaged in Bible study who have not studied the Bible before?

⇒ congregations energetically discussing the challenges that face the church of Jesus Christ in the 21st century?

A Practitioner-based, Online Learning Community

This missional leaders apprenticeship journey provides an intentional, systematic way for anyone to lead others on a learning journey of spiritual depth and significance to discern and embody God’s mission anew. This 9-month training and peer coaching process assumes God is at work in the world and that the task of the church is to participate faithfully in what God is already doing.

What is Involved in this Process? Over a nine-month period, the cohort will meet monthly, online, for an hour and a half each month. These sessions will consist of a time of debriefing and discussion as well as relevant training topics led by a variety of practitioners. Outside of session times participants will have action steps designed to engage their community and lead their church/small group/faith community on a journey to bridge the gap between learning/passive discipleship and action-oriented missional followership.

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