We realize that most college students won’t have the means readily available to fund the internship. God may want to use this need as an opportunity to allow others to participate through prayer and giving. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:


PRAY. Express your total dependence on the Lord.  Enlist others to pray with you.


BEGIN WITH ASKING YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. This is a wonderful opportunity to begin a spiritual conversation with those closest to you. People give to people they know and care about.


MAKE A LIST OF OTHER PROSPECTS. Include church friends, relatives, neighbors, peers, club and civic contacts, and your Christmas card list. How about your doctor, lawyer, or dentist? Do not leave people off your list because you think they will not or cannot support you. God may have other plans. 


WRITE YOUR LETTERS. Your letter should contain a personal greeting from you and then an overview of the trip, your needs, and what your desire is for God to do through you.  Describe where you will be going, what you will be doing, how they can pray for you, and specific financial needs along with deadlines. Try to keep the letter to one page in length and be sure to proof your work!  We encourage you to insert your information into the sample letter at the bottom of this page or use it as reference as you create your own letter.  Remember to include a Response Form and self addressed stamped or unstamped envelope for the person to submit payment. 

Important Note Regarding Contributions: If the donor, be it you or someone contributing to your internship, would like to receive tax credit, they must submit a check made payable to EFC-MAYM without anything written in the memo line or anywhere else on the check. 


KEEP TRACK. As you receive gifts, have a simple way to keep track.



By Mail. Send your money to the Friends Ministry Center, 2018 W. Maple St., Wichita, KS 67213 on a regular basis (people generally don’t like to write a check and have it sitting around, not clearing the bank for a few weeks). Make a copy of the Response Form for yourself and send one copy with the funds to the Friends Ministry Center.

In Person. You may also bring your checks to the Friends Ministry Center, 2018 W. Maple St., Wichita, KS 67213 during our regular business hours. 

If there are any particular ways that you are working or saving towards paying a portion or percentage of your costs, supporters are glad to hear that, and we encourage you to put it in your letter.


SAY THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO SUPPORTED YOU.  Write a personal thank you note when you receive the check and then again after the internship, sharing your experiences.


To Download and Print a Sample Fundraising Letter, click here