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Elpis Locker

Elpis Locker‘Elpis… it means hope. The Elpis community is a small group of folks that connect via social media to share ideas, struggles, victories, prayer requests, but those connections can often lead into real encounters and ministry opportunities. What Elpis strives to do is give an ear, a voice and a hand to those that may be hurting or simply searching. The ” Elpis Locker “sprung from this group as a tool to help those in need. There are often times that a single mom or a very poor family, trying to get on their feet, are in need of basic housing items: furniture, appliances, clothes, etc. The Elpis Locker is there to store the things that others no longer need so that they might be used for a single mom or a family that doesn’t have much. The dream for ‘Elpis Locker’ is to have multiple units all over the city of Wichita and, maybe, someday have locations in multiple cities across the state of Kansas and perhaps in multiple states.”-Geoff Robinson

Spread the Warmth

Derek Shoemaker, member of Derby Friends Church-The Source, spends hours upon hours every week sharing the warmth with Wichita’s homeless as he brings coats, scarves, gloves, and his warm presence to them.  He created a bridge ministry five years ago and continues to pray, bless, and disciple the men and women who shelter themselves under our bridges.  You can support Spread the Warmth by donating coats, blankets, socks, gloves, hats, hand warmers, food, and by being a warm presence.

ESL Class

There are 2 couples who went on mission together Fall 2011, with the Latino community in northwest Wichita, KS.  We (Randy & Charlene Littlefield, Don & Judie Hickey) meet together in a great tech classroom at Evergreen Library with Spanish speakers who desire to learn English. Children beg to return to Monday evening class since they realize the love and care from Judie and Don with Bible lessons, stories, crafts and generous snacks. That’s unless there’s a monthly celebration (fiesta) for holidays and birthdays which also may include presentations from missionaries such as John and Sangi Vanlal. With this format, we all work together to help others in need  locally and around the world. For example, when it’s time for school back packs, Halloween costumes, Christmas toys, visits for a young woman run over by a car and visits to the lonely residents at a nearby Nursing Home. This multicultural family continues to learn of our God, our Father, His son Jesus, and our Comforter the Holy Spirit.

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