What Will I be Doing?

The Journey Project Summer Internship experience has six primary components:

  1. Hands-On Missional Service
    As an intern, you will be placed in a challenging ministry environment where you will do hands-on community ministry. This aspect will be a cooperative effort of pastors, congregations, and area agencies who focus on under-served populations.


  1. Community Living
    Truly living in Christian community is an incredibly challenging but deeply rewarding experience. During the summer internship, you will live and work with a group of diverse college students, working out what it means to live our faith together. Over the course of the summer, you will likely develop relationships that will last a lifetime. We expect you may arrive as strangers, but leave as family.


  1. Spiritual Disciplines
    Weekly worship together as interns and at host churches, as well as weekly “Life Transformation Groups” or “LTG’s” (groups of two or three of the same gender who meet for the purpose of accountability, Scripture reflection, and prayer). Please note that part of the LTG experience is the commitment to a weekly Scripture reading plan.


  1. Mentoring / Coaching
    Time with experienced missional leaders to process field experiences on a deeper personal level. This will occur in a team setting as well as one-on-one.


  1. Equipping Sessions
    This weekly training is to help you re-evaluate what it really means to follow Jesus, move beyond a consumer spirituality, focus on the needs of the world, and prepare to launch future initiatives that contribute to the transformation of communities. The equipping sessions will involve required weekly reading and reflection prior to the group gathering.


  1. Next Step Planning
    Developing concrete strategies and plans for the future so that what is learned through the internships is applied in the communities to which you will return. The Journey Project is meant to be much more than a summer-only experience. We expect interns will go on to initiate bold new ministries in their own communities and serve as agents of change in the life of their student-ministries and congregations.


An important note about accountability.

Each of these components is important to the overall purpose of developing you as a leader. Full participation is required and a failure to fully participate may result in termination. We will work with a struggling intern to avoid termination, but for the sake of the other interns, we cannot allow individuals to opt out of any components as this has a very detrimental effect on the program and sense of community.

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  1. John Castile

    I am looking for a place to grow in Christ and also serve my peers. I am a 34 year old man who came to Christ later than most but I feel a strong calling to serve his Kingdom. I have much to improve on ,however it is my hope that whichever program that I participate in tju s summer will give me the tools and opportunity to achieve this growth. I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with someone about your program. Thank you very much for your time, Sincerely John Castile.

  2. RL

    John Castile – There is an application link on this site. Please complete the information and send to my attention at newchurches@efcmaym.org. Thanks for your interest in this service opportunity. Sorry not so prompt to get back to you.

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