What is the Cost of the Internship?

Through the generous support of Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America, the EFC-MAYM Home Missions Board, and area churches, we are able to provide apartment housing (rent and utilities) as well as programming materials for the internship. We ask that each intern raise $1,000 before the start of the internship for personal expenses, including food, gas, and entertainment. These monies can be solicited from your home church, individual members of your home congregation, family members, friends, co-workers, etc. We can offer guidance on fundraising, but it is important that you ask for this assistance if you need it.


What is Tribe of Friends?

Tribe of Friends represents our hope for, and commitment to the future of the Church. We are part of a movement that seeks to help the Church reclaim its identity as the “sent people of God.” A people sent by God to be a blessing to those around us. A people in mission with God “out there,” loving and serving our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ. A Church fully engaged in the expansion of God’s reign not through force, argument, or manipulation but through humble service done in love, no strings attached.


What are the dates for the internship?
June and July 2017


Who is eligible to apply?
College students who have completed freshman year at the time of the internship.


What is the deadline to apply?
To be considered in the first round of intern selections, applications and reference letters must be received by March 1st. The deadline has been extended to March 15th!  The application is very thorough so we encourage interested applicants to start immediately and submit applications and references as soon as possible! Applications can be completed online. Reference forms can be printed out and mailed to your references or you may direct your references to the website so they can print their own. The reference forms are very important so please give your references adequate time to complete the form thoroughly and mail it to us ahead of the deadline.

Applications may be submitted after the deadline if positions remain open.

What if I can’t raise the $1000?
We hope to never deny an applicant based on financial concerns. However, the program depends on interns raising this money. If you are having difficulties raising the $1000, it is important that you contact us early for fund-raising guidance.


What is provided?

We provide housing, all programming materials, training, mentors, and coaches. Interns will live in an urban, culturally diverse apartment complex. Interns will share an apartment with others of the same sex, generally 2 interns per apartment bedroom.


Can I opt out of any of the program’s components?
No. Unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances you are expected to participate in each component of the program. See “What will I be doing?”


Can I get time off during the internship?
Any time away will need to be approved by the Journey Project leadership, and cannot be during the orientation or closing week. We want you on site and focused to be as effective as possible, so time off is not normally possible. Of course we will work with you if there are extenuating circumstances. These need to be brought to our attention as early as possible. It is not possible, though, to miss a week to participate in a mission trip, family vacation, etc.


Can I get college credit for this internship?
We encourage applicants to check with their schools as soon as possible about the possibility of receiving academic credit for the intern experience. We are happy to work with your college or university to make this happen so let us know how we can help.


Can I take a summer class while serving as an intern?
No.  It will be difficult for students to keep up with the requirements of both the internship and a summer class.


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