What’s Next?

“What’s next?” Willow asked me from the backseat of our car as we traveled home from our last Bible Quiz tournament of the year.

I looked straight ahead at the dark road and thought to myself, “What IS next?”10154553_10203817995671713_8868071188032534691_nI was looking forward to a new season of no more quiz practice and no more driving to the other side of the city once a week.  However, the practice was so fruitful!  Diving into Luke every week with a group of middle school and high school kids at Panera had somehow become exciting!

I say practice lightly because practice was just reading, imagining, and talking it out.  No grueling quick quizzing.  No lectures on practicing harder.  Just conversation about Jesus, and honestly I felt like I was failing them.  I was burned out.

They won the tournament.

They weren’t satisfied.


My mind started to fill with ideas and vision for their community.  I prayed a lot in two days.  I called my coach.  I went through so many possibilities but kept coming back to equipping and coaching them to go on mission.

10492136_10203907806596194_6852758765395383464_nThey know best how to disciple a 15 year old in 2014.  My social media in 1994 was a telephone attached to the kitchen wall.  We still read the newspaper in the school library for the daily news back then, not Twitter.  I had to take my camera film to Wal-Mart, wait five days to develop, then I could give a picture of myself to a friend.  Now, they snap and chat.

10494762_10203909124909151_7046296495918303835_nThis adventure is only four months old but already I’ve seen God work and the Kingdom shine so brightly through the work and relationships these kids are making.  This blog will be place for us to share how God is using our little community of missionaries.  I hope you will pray and encourage them as they GO into their mission fields.


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